Lets put HIS Kids in school today!   Education Equals Empowerment


Thanks for wonderful support partners, HISKIDS can supply (safety devices or innovations) to children through safety and mission programs sponsored by our online partners. Find out how to become our partner today!

HISKIDS Project through Partners In Action of Phoenix seeks on getting the message of Salvation out into remote areas and US.  It begins by sharing the love of Christ through humanitarian efforts and child safety and ​drowning prevention in the US.   Education lasts a lifetime. 

Otim Solomon
Otim Solomon is 9 years old and in primary one, unlike the above six pupils, Solomon goes to a different school but in the same location with all the above, he is living in absolute poverty with his mother, but they are very good born- again Christians.


recent programs

Our mission outreach program in Phoenix recently got the attention of leading Christian University.  HISKIDS and APU "HisYears"


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Omeda Charles
He is a formally abducted child by the rebels of the lord’s resistant army, and served for three years in the bush with the rebels. Both parents were abducted the same day together with him.  They never escaped.

Edisa Namugerwa
Edisa Namugerwa is a total orphan who lives with a good Samaritan, she does not know their home because she was abandoned with the grandmother who later died and a neighbor took her up and is trying to help. She is a girl of 11 years and in primary four.

HIS Kingdomworks Foundation is actively supporting non profit christian organizations. Learn how you can become part of the National Christian Foundation and Partners In Action

mission & vision

No need is too small and no voice is too quiet to be heard. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and feed.